Infrastructure is vital for providing a backbone for countries and their economies and the mobility of their citizens. The role of transportation was made evident during the pandemic, in which transportation infrastructure was vital. We have seen the opportunities that existing conditions provide for reconfiguring our infrastructure to move towards a smart and sustainable infrastructure, to achieve greater environmental efficiency in construction and maintenance, and to use intelligent transportation systems to increase connectivity in the quality of our infrastructure.

Spanish construction groups are among the main international players in the United States, thus representing almost a third of the total billing of projects in which international contractors participate. Meanwhile, the response to COVID-19 has not been the same across Latin America, and many countries are struggling, though the region is still an attractive opportunity for many infrastructure projects.

On April 7, our transactional partners José Morán (Chicago) and Jennifer Trock (Washington DC) moderated two sessions at "The Infrastructure Symposium" organized by the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce. The discussions led to this white paper, which includes:

  • Ten Emerging Trends in Infrastructure: Tides and Trends Driving the World's Infrastructure Markets

  • Sustainable Infrastructure: A Path for the Future

  • 2021 Insight into the State of Infrastructure in Latin America

  • A Spotlight on Major US Transport Infrastructure Projects

Front cover of The Infrastructure Symposium thought leadership report

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