Connected Compliance

Connected Compliance Tool
The Baker McKenzie Connected Compliance tool measures the level of compliance integration within your company and allows you to see how you stack up against others in your sector and in comparison to high-performing organisations.

Global Ridesharing

Global Ridesharing Survey
The Baker McKenzie Global Ridesharing Survey offers insights into ridesharing regulations in 28 jurisdictions across the world. The tool is an easy-to-search online summary of regulations which aims to aid companies that are currently operating or that wish to enter and compete in the ever-evolving market

Trade Secrets Tool

Trade Secrets Tool
Trade secrets are progressively becoming the method of choice for companies to protect their intellectual property, but trade secret protection is becoming more challenging than ever given the rapid pace of technological innovation and cybersecurity risks. To help organizations avoid putting their valuable IP assets at risk and guide them through the often overwhelming and complex area of trade secrets management, Baker McKenzie has launched the Trade Secrets Tool.

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