Cloud Survey

Data & Cloud Survey 2019 Results

The survey results identify key trends that are impacting your business regardless of your position in the market. They provide valuable insights regarding data —who owns it, where it resides, and how it is protected. They keep you informed on market benchmark for contracting terms and risk allocation related to data and the cloud. The survey report also scans the horizon and identifies trends in data in M&A, data ethics, and data monetization. Given the rapidly changing data and cloud landscape the report is essential reading for staying informed.

Global Data Privacy

Global Data Privacy & Security Handbook 2019

This handbook now combines and consolidates our renowned privacy related handbooks into one resource. We have revised our content to make it more concise, comparable and practice-relevant while still providing detailed overviews of the increasingly complex and sophisticated data privacy and security standards in around 50 countries.

Driverless Vehicle

Global Driverless Vehicle Survey

Our TMT and Automotive global groups have pooled resources to produce this Global Driverless Vehicle Survey. The Survey provides a high-level insight into the development and deployment of rules to accommodate automated driving for 33 jurisdictions. It provides an outline of the key themes arising from the intersection between the most advanced digital processing technology and mobility on a global scale.

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