In view of the health crisis in Latin America following to the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as the economic and social impacts of this situation, many people and companies have expressed interest in collaborating with the governments to support their goal of preventing and controlling the spread of the virus.

One of the main ways in which support has materialized has been through donations to Public Entities, which received - and continue to receive - donations of a diverse nature both for their employees and for the general population.

In this context, Baker McKenzie Administrative and Public Law team in Latin America, has developed a guide to provide an overview of the key legal considerations in donating to the Public Administration and Related Entities in key jurisdictions of the region: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. The following aspects will be addressed, as applicable to each jurisdiction:

  • Getting to know the recipient and identifying governing law
  • Requirements and prohibitions
  • Types of donation
  • Procedure
  • Internal policy assessment
  • Risks and liability
  • Donation execution
  • Monitoring


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