We are pleased to announce the launch of Baker McKenzie's latest legal tech tool, the Disputes Clause Finder.

Based on independent research, 1 in 3 dispute resolution clauses in contracts are found to be unfit for purpose. Furthermore, companies are spending almost EUR 100,000 in fixing unfit dispute resolution clauses.

Baker McKenzie has developed the Disputes Clause Finder, which provides users with individually tailored choice-of-court or arbitration clauses in just a few steps. After answering a few questions, clients can use the tool to help them identify the dispute resolution clause that best fits their needs.

This user-friendly tool can be used in just three easy steps: 

  1. Go to www.disputesclause.com
  2. Answer a short set of questions about your contract.
  3. Receive your bespoke dispute resolution clause, ready to insert into your contract.

As a value add, Baker McKenzie offers a Disputes Clause Seminar to get users acquainted with the tool. The seminar explains to clients:

  • how the Clause Finder works
  • important aspects to consider when drafting a dispute resolution clause
  • the dos and don’ts when drafting dispute resolution clauses
  • how to select an arbitral institution and seat of arbitration

To know more about the Disputes Clause Finder, please contact your usual Baker McKenzie lawyer.


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