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In this regional update, we provide you with a practical overview of the most notable antitrust legal developments of quarter 2 in 2022 that may affect your business.

In this issue:


  • ACCC raises concerns with various merger matters
  • ACCC seeks contempt charges against party for non-compliance with undertakings
  • ACCC grants interim authorisation to address energy crisis
  • Strong ACCC enforcement in respect of consumer law claims


  • Far-reaching updates to Anti-Monopoly Law come into effect 1 August
  • China contemplating updates to merger filing thresholds
  • China strengthens enforcement against price gouging

Hong Kong

  • HKCC succeeds in its first appeal on pecuniary penalties
  • HKCC publishes work report and outlook for 2022-23
  • Hong Kong authority renews Liner Shipping Block Exemption


  • ICC accepts behavioural change in lieu of fine
  • Lobster exporter avoids ICC fine due to inability to pay


  • JFTC consults on new rules on information gathering powers
  • JFTC sets up new economic analysis unit
  • JFTC FY2021 annual report shows continued focus on IT/digital sectors


  • Competition law amendments introduce merger control and enhance powers


  • TFTC penalises air conditioning operators for concerted action
  • TFTC continues enforcement against misleading SEO practices


  • Draft Law on E-Transaction to regulate dominant digital platforms
  • VCCA publishes 2021 Annual Report
  • VCCA releases study on competition law and the protection of IP rights
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