In this edition of In the Know, we will provide a "primer" in respect of the developments in the digital bond space, using the EIB bond as a potential bellwether event for future development in our markets and then try and address some fundamental questions — what does all this mean for our market? Where are we headed now?

Key Takeaways:

  • European Investment Bank (EIB) issuance of a digital bond is an excellent example of innovation in the bond market.
  • There are significant opportunities for the use of blockchain technology across the bond and wider leveraged finance markets.
  • Definitions of key terms including: digital bonds, digital ledger technology, blockchain, and the smart contract.
  • Regulatory considerations/common infrastructure.
  • Market participants and their advisors should keep an eye on this space and continue to develop their understanding of the role that digitisation can have for efficient operation of our markets.

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