Managing third party risk and understanding compliance considerations are key to conducting business across borders.

In this panel discussion with Tiffany McConnell King (Corporate Director and Division Counsel, Global Sustainment and Modernization, Northrop Grumman Corporation) and Kirk Foster (Assistant General Counsel and Director of Compliance and Privacy, HII Mission Technologies), Marilyn Batonga (Partner, Baker, McKenzie) and Maurice Bellan (Partner, Baker McKenzie), we uncover the latest trends and analyze enforcement actions related to international government procurement, focusing on risks based on conduct abroad as well as False Claims Act risks. We provide practical tips on:

  • Maintaining a uniform culture and processes at the global, regional and local levels
  • Dealing with uncertainties of foreign legal regimes
  • Implementing key elements of corporate compliance: leadership, risk assessments, standards and controls, training and communications, oversight
  • Properly vetting and managing third parties



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