The interrelation of emerging tax policies has become a global conversation and will continue to raise more questions about how the latest rules and developments will impact multinational businesses. Early understanding of the new rules and the anticipated compliance obligations will be essential in minimizing compliance risks, especially given the uncertainty of implementation timelines.

Stay tuned to our Global Tax Policy Video Series to learn more about the latest international tax rules focusing on the key practical insights for tax teams throughout the regions.  


Episode 3: UK Perspectives on Pillar Two

In this newest episode of Baker McKenzie's Global Tax Policy Video Series, Kate Alexander, Miles Humphries and Nick Evans discuss recent UK perspectives on Pillar Two.


Episode 2: US Perspectives on Pillar Two

Julia Skubis Weber and Reza Nader discuss some of the key US perspectives on Pillar Two and the current state of play in terms of the US government's reaction to Pillar Two developments.



Episode 1: How to Prepare Amidst Uncertainty

Mounia Benabdallah and Miles Humphrey provide an overview of the latest updates and what companies can expect in upcoming global tax policy developments.



Recorded 30 March 2022

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