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In this regional update, we provide you with a practical overview of the most notable antitrust legal developments of quarter 1 in 2022 that may affect your business.

In this issue:


  • ACCC announces compliance and enforcement priorities for 2022/23
  • CDPP withdraws charges in bank criminal cartel case
  • ACCC continues focus on digital platforms
  • Federal Court imposes AUD 12 million penalty for exclusive dealing


  • China's top court considers pay-for-delay settlement agreements for first time
  • Heightened scrutiny of RPM continues in China
  • China announces 5 year antitrust enforcement plan

Hong Kong

  • HKCC investigates online food delivery platforms
  • HKCC investigates passenger car warranty terms and conditions


  • Merger control filing deadline to revert to original 30 day period
  • ICC to certify competition compliance programs
  • ICC begins investigation of palm oil
  • ICC issues first decision under law governing large and small business cooperation


  • First parallel imports case resolved under commitment procedures 


  • CCCS issues proposed decision against warehouse operators for price-fixing


  • TFTC releases draft White Paper on the Digital Economy


  • TCCT updates post-closing merger notification form
  • TCCT publishes new unfair trade practice guideline
  • Public consultation commences for credit term guidance amendment
  • Authority undertakes review of competition law enforcement in Thailand
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