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This update was published as part of our quarterly newsletter, Asia Pacific Competition Highlights. Access the full report, which covers the most notable antitrust developments across 10 Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

In this issue:


  • Merger control policy and enforcement a focus for the ACCC
  • ACCC active in cartel enforcement
  • ACCC institutes proceedings for alleged resale price maintenance
  • Federal Court imposes large penalties for consumer law breaches


  • Institutional and legislative reforms signal stronger antitrust enforcement
  • China releases two additional antitrust guidelines
  • Merger control enforcement remains active in China

Hong Kong

  • HKCC ramps up enforcement activities
  • HKCC publishes policy on accepting commitments
  • HKCC and police conduct joint raid in building maintenance cartel investigation


  • ICC scrutinizes rising crude palm oil prices
  • Competition law reforms to be re-done by 2023


  • JFTC closes investigation for suspected abusive conduct relating to online free shipping program


  • Langkawi Ro-Ro ferry services cartel fined RM2.2 million for price fixing
  • MyCC's conducts market review on port logistics ecosystems and motor vehicle warranties


  • PCC resumes conduct of own-initiative merger reviews of non-notifiable deals


  • CCCS issues Business Collaboration Guidance Note
  • Updated Competition Guidelines now in effect
  • CCCS signs MoUs with Philippines and China competition authorities
  • CCCS recommends block exemption order extension for certain liner shipping agreements


  • TFTC proposes amendments to the Guidelines on Merger Filings


  • Thai competition authority rebrands itself from OTCC to TCCT
  • TCCT publishes new manual on the application of the credit term guidelines


  • VCCA issues summary report on economic concentration activities in Vietnam's real estate sector in 2021
  • VCCA releases competition reports on the auto manufacturing and pork industries
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