As we finally emerge from the shadow of the pandemic in 2022 (albeit more slowly than hoped), regulators and policymakers have left emergency measures behind and returned to their reform agendas. In this piece, our regulatory experts set out the top ten UK developments for financial institutions and fintechs to watch in 2022, covering:

  1. Embedding good culture
  2. Shifting retail expectations - the new Consumer Duty
  3. Defining the boundaries of BNPL regulation
  4. Bringing crypto within the regulatory perimeter
  5. Reforming the regulatory approach to AML
  6. Tightening the appointed representatives regime
  7. Preparing for the financial promotions gateway
  8. Operational resilience – counting down to application
  9. Ramping up ESG regulation (and enforcement?)
  10. Increasing divergence and the Future Regulatory Framework Review

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