In this issue you will find not only a recap of the key developments, interesting cases and legislative updates for the second half of 2021 but also examples of the very diverse and fascinating ideas and views of our Global Wealth Management Practice. 2021 like 2020 found organizations and businesses all over the world in a very similar setting as when the pandemic began, but perhaps better equipped to handle some of the trials and tribulations most often thanks to the adaptability of colleagues pulling together and embracing new ways of working. From the day-to-day, to interactions, and even socializing, we overcame the challenges and also endured the losses that the pandemic brought. While the world remains vigilant with the emergence of the Omicron variant, we remain hopeful for the new year ahead.

We thank our clients, colleagues (current and former), and readers for supporting the newsletter and our practice and without whom the newsletter would not be possible. We also take the opportunity to give special thanks to our editorial and publication staff for another year’s worth of an excellent work. As always, this edition is a testament to how far-reaching both geographically and substantively our group is. In particular, don’t miss our feature article, a recap of the UK’s largest-ever divorce case or our take on ESG considerations for trustees.

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Feature: Money to burn: Dishonest schemes go up in flames in UK's largest divorce case

Issue Highlights:

  • ESG considerations for trustees
  • Costly decision: Australian tax consequence of capital gains distributions to non-residents
  • PRC Supreme Court invalidates will against public order and good morals
  • Could Japanese transfer taxes play greater role in addressing inequality?
  • No relief in Wilson for settlor-beneficiary on trust reporting penalties
  • US tax reform, the sequel: Potential impact for families and family offices
  • Russia introduces alternative to foreign trusts and foundations
  • Around the World 

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