Our 19th Annual Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series entitled, "International Trade Developments in a Challenging New World," includes the latest international trade developments.

This year, in a variety of sessions, our panels of experts will cover the key developments and latest trends on sanctions, export controls and Foreign Investment Review regimes. On the inbound side, there will be sessions on opportunities and compliance challenges arising out of FTAs, hot topics on Customs valuation, trends in customs audits and supply chain compliance challenges and logistics.

Supply Chain: Logistics and Compliance Challenges
26 July 2022

Our panel discusses logistics and compliance challenges in supply chain in various jurisdictions.

Speakers: Kerry Contini (Washington, DC), Anne Petterd (Sydney), and Can Sözer (Istanbul)
Moderator: John McKenzie (San Francisco)

Hot Topics and Emerging Compliance Risks in Export Controls and Sanctions: Australia, China and Japan
28 June 2022

Our panel discusses the latest topics and emerging compliance risks in export controls and sanctions in Australia, China, and Japan.

Speakers: Anne Petterd (Sydney), Vivian Wu (Beijing), and Junko Suetomi (Tokyo) 
Moderator: Anne Petterd (Sydney)

Trends in Customs audits and the Importance of Customs Compliance as Part of Tax Compliance
14 June 2022

Our panel discusses the latest trends in customs audits in the US, EMEA, Latin America and Asia Pacific as well as the importance of customs compliance as part of tax compliance.

Speakers: Meredith DeMent (Washington, DC), Jorge Ambriz-Cuevas (Juarez), Riza Buditomo (Jakarta) and Lionel Van Reet (Brussels)
Moderator: Nicole Looks (Amsterdam)

Hot Topics on Customs Valuations
29 March 2022

Our panel discusses key customs valuation topics including undervaluation of imported goods, focus of audits and investigations, transfer pricing adjustments, and other technical challenges.

Speakers: Frank Pan (Shanghai), Paul Burns (Toronto), Lionel Van Reet (Brussels), and Esteban Ropolo (Buenos Aires)
Moderator: Jennifer Revis (London)

Hot Topics and Emerging Compliance Risks in Export Controls:
Focus on US, EU, UK, and Canada

15 February 2022

Our panel discusses the latest export control regulations in UK, Europe, Canada, and the US.

Speakers: Meghan Hamilton (Chicago), Ross Evans (London), and Brian Cacic (Toronto)
Moderator: Lise Test (Washington, DC)

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Opportunities and Compliance
25 January 2022

Our first session in the series provides an overview about Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and the latest developments on key global agreements.

Speakers: Adriana Ibarra-Fernandez (Mexico City), Meredith DeMent (Washington, DC), Reggie Mezu (Dubai), Ivy Tan (Singapore), and Alex Alberti (London)
Moderator: Adriana Ibarra-Fernandez (Mexico City)

2022: International Trade Developments in a Challenging New World
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