The latest iteration of our annual Digital Transformation and Cloud Survey features insights from 500 global respondents, who cite heightened attention on and investment in cybersecurity, AI and the cloud as indicators of digital transformation being an integral part of enterprise thinking and planning.

Watch this two-minute video highlighting key takeaways from the survey.

In this report, we provide these results together with insights from our almost decade of surveying the marketplace and thought leadership in digital transformation and cloud.

Key findings include:

  • Shifting mindsets on digital transformation and cloud investments including increasing attention on cybersecurity and AI.
  • Evolving legal and regulatory environment impacting all aspects of digital transformation and cloud.
  • Cross-border regulation, tax, cybersecurity and governance are top of mind issues for digital transformation and cloud leaders.
  • The latest trends and market practices with respect to cloud contracting terms and considerations.
  • Reflections on lessons learned from prior digital transformation implementations.

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Latin America:

No time to read the full report? To review the key findings from the survey see our easy-to-digest key takeaways paper in Spanish and Portuguese with your contacts.

Key Contacts

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North America

Adam Aft
Global Co-Lead
Technology Transactions
+ 1 312 861 2904

Brian Hengesbaugh
Global Chair
Data Privacy and Security
+ 1 312 861 3077

Peter George

Global Co-Lead
Technology Transactions
+ 1 312 861 6587

Asia Pacific

Anne-Marie Allgrove
Global Head of Intellectual Property,
Data and Technology
+ 61 2 8922 5274


Isabella Liu
Head of Intellectual Property and Technology, Asia Pacific
Hong Kong
+ 852 2846 1689


Andy Leck
Head of Intellectual Property and Technology
+ 65 6434 2525



Sue McLean
Co-chair Financial Services, EMEA
+ 44 20 7919 1998


Florian Tannen
IT, Privacy and Outsourcing Partner
+ 49 89 5 52 38 200


Steve Holmes
Head of Technology and Communications
+ 44 20 7919 1151

Latin America

Vanina Caniza
Global Head
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Buenos Aires
+ 54 11 4310 2226


Carlos Alberto Vela-Treviño
Intellectual Property Partner
Mexico City
+ 52 55 5279 2911


Flávia Rebello Pereira
Intellectual Property Partner at Trench Rossi Watanabe*
+ 55 11 3048 6851

*Trench Rossi Watanabe and Baker McKenzie have executed a strategic cooperation agreement for consulting on foreign law.

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