G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance and C4IR Japan in partnership with Baker McKenzie held a virtual panel which discussed the critical nature of trust in smart cities projects, the importance of Private and Public sector collaboration, how these sectors manage the risks involved and how to handle big data and its corresponding value creation. The panelists gave their views on the roles Private and Public sectors play in the supply and implementation of technology that brings about a successful smart city ecosystem, how different sectors can ensure that data privacy are addressed effectively, framework of paid for service offerings that not only improves lives but also drives revenues and gave scenarios of successful applications within a smart city's development.

The panel was moderated by Dr. Nikolaus Reinhuber, LL.B., Baker McKenzie's Chair for the Global IMT Industry Group, and he was joined by Yasuhiro Okada (Mayor, Kakogawa City), Andrew Collinge (Advisor, Smart Dubai) and Ryo Kobayashi (General Manager, Legal & Compliance Department, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation).


View the panel discussion, Putting Human Connection At the Heart of Smart Cities on YouTube.

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