With major vaccine developments in Latin America, including kick-offs for vaccine campaigns, employers should consider whether a vaccination policy is right for their workplace, keeping in mind that such policies implicate a broad range of employment laws and regulations, and that many of these vary from country to country.

The following questions and answers address many of the legal issues across key markets in Latin America that employers should take into account as they evaluate the role of vaccinations in their return-to-office plans:

  • Are there national health programs under which the population are or will be given COVID-19 vaccines and how are these advancing in each country?
  • Have government authorities issued any guidelines on the administration of COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace?
  • Do employers in the private sector have access to vaccines for their employees? How is this regulated and is there any liability for the employers?
  • Are mandatory vaccination policies in the workplace permissible?
  • Can employers prevent employees from returning to the workplace if they have not been vaccinated?

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