The digital transformation offers many opportunities and presents new challenges. Together with the Digital Generation and in cooperation with established companies and ekipa as accelerator, Valesca Molinari, Claire Dietz-Polte, Vivien Vacha, Rouven Reuter and Denise Tayler tackle the social and economic challenges of the digital future to find digital and sustainable innovation. This is where the Innovation Challenge comes into play.


The Challenge

Climate change, increasing population, fast growing megacities and the pace of change and progress in modern technologies, society, and economy: These trends create new opportunities but also challenges to businesses, people and the flow of goods.

All these developments have a strong impact on the setting of laws and regulations on various levels. At the same time, laws and regulations play a key role in innovation processes. They are supposed to create predictability and stability, security and fairness, enforce positive incentives, and create an overarching framework in which innovations can develop and unfold.

Thus, the smart and efficient design, application and implementation of laws and regulations is key to ensuring that current and upcoming challenges are solved and that new opportunities are tapped in order to benefit society and businesses while the world is changing.

To address the emerging need for legal innovation we need new technological and data-driven solutions and interdisciplinary approaches. Participants of the Challenge will be able to submit solutions for one of six Use Cases.


The Use Cases

Real-world cases for a real-world impact!

Based on concrete questions from the field of legal tech, we want to shape the future of law. Three Use Cases are provided by leading companies and organizations in the respective field, three other Use Cases will take place under the flagship of Baker McKenzie.

Nemak – Legal Tech in Carbon Pricing

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#CarbonPricing #RegulationTech #LegalCO2Tech

Nemak is a multinational automotive supplier with facilities in 15 jurisdictions and has to cope with various and changing GHG emission regulations. Together we seek for solutions how to best consider the opaque process of regulations while trying to create future business plans and making decisions on new investments. The participants will have to identify and track the various CO2 emission regulations and develop a company-specific carbon pricing scheme.

This is Legal Design – Legal Tech for Corporate AI Integrity

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#AIRegulations #ethicalAI #Aintegrity

Even the best AI product or service will not be accepted by anyone if it is not trusted by its customers. Trust can only be achieved if regulatory and ethical requirements are recognized and implemented. Together with This is Legal Design we ask the participants to identify and track governmental regulations as well as public opinion regarding AI to translate relevant AI-regulation and ethics into actionable requirements.


Vienna University of Economics and Business – European
Mobility Sandbox

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#autonomousmobility #regulatorysandboxes #legalinnovation

This Challenge investigates on how regulatory sandboxes can help introduce innovative products, such as passenger transport services using autonomously controlled vehicles. Participants are encouraged to analyze the current legal situation to enable the regulatory "European Mobility" sandbox. If they come to the conclusion that the sandbox cannot be implemented due to the current legal situation, they have the opportunity to develop possible solutions for the sandbox, be it as a starting point in formal law, via the amendment of substantive law up to legislative proposals, but also technical solutions to simplify communication between the authorities are conceivable.


Baker McKenzie – Drive E-Mobility with Legal Tech

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#eMobility #emissionsreduction #greenlegaltech

A major driver of climate change is the increasing CO2 pollution in our atmosphere. Electric vehicles play a key role in the efforts to reduce it. However, to bring e-mobility services to the global market, an adequate overview of e-mobility related regulations is required to facilitate reasonable business decisions and investments. Participants are required to find solutions for constant monitoring that can be adapted to the user's focus of interest.


Baker McKenzie - Navigator for Children in Crisis

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#childrensrights #streetchildren #youthrights

Street children are some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. With this Use Case, we want to take advantage of new opportunities in legal tech and help this group understand and utilize law as a helping hand and an enabler. The participants are required to develop a legal navigator tool, making existing legal resources including guidelines and answers more accessible to children in crisis.


Baker McKenzie - Enable Drone Technology

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#dronetechnology #legalinnovation #agilegovernance

Drone Technology promises many benefits for society, be it in the area of medical or commercial delivery, the flow of goods or smart cities. Many regulations in this area are outdated and do not yet facilitate innovative business models. What is necessary to facilitate technological progress and growth? Participants are encouraged to analysis the status quo and to develop the basis for a concept how to regulate drones and to find answers to important issues regarding the use of drones.


The Timeline

  • Qualification-Phase: Until mid-September 2021 the participants have time to work on and submit their solutions, concepts and sketches via ekipa's online platform.

  • Calling the finalists: Afterwards, the Baker McKenzie team will decide together with the partners which participants/teams of each Use Case will proceed to the elaboration phase of the Challenge.

  • Boot camp: The best teams will be invited to the virtual boot camp end of September 2021.

  • Let's Pitch: After the finalist teams have had another two months to work on their solutions, they will present their final concepts at the (virtual) closing event early December 2021.

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