A bold vision of the future is redefining corporate strategy for businesses in Asia Pacific, with new opportunities arising from disruption. For many organizations, the fastest route to reinvention is through transactions — divesting to access liquidity, filling gaps in capability and organic growth, building digital revenue streams and adapting the scale and focus of operations to meet new market demand.

In this series of reports, we explore the defining characteristics of transactions, using the SCAPE framework to understand legal complexity and stress test plans in an evolving landscape.

DEALscape diagram

Each report outlines areas of the transactional DealSCAPE, highlighting key sub-sector trends, opportunities for strategic growth and specific areas of legal consideration to renew and reinvent.

Healthcare Dealscape cover The Healthcare and Life Sciences DealSCAPE

This report explores the defining characteristics of pharmaceutical and biotech transactions in 2022 and recommends a framework to understand the legal complexity in a fast-evolving sector and at a uniquely opportunistic time. As you identify key opportunities to transform your business responsibly and strategically, our new report will help you navigate legal complexity and stress test plans in an evolving transactional landscape.

Automotive cover The Automotive DealSCAPE 

Automotives face tough competition for attractive assets, especially in relation to emerging categories such as autonomous vehicles, e-mobility and connected cars.

Find out how companies can transform responsibly and strategically, while seeking access to technology, skills and assets in non-traditional segments.

Aviation cover

The Aviation DealSCAPE 

Aviation was one of the hardest-hit industries of the global pandemic, resulting in exhausted credit lines and low asset valuations. These conditions present different opportunities in terms of M&A and consolidation through restructuring.

Understand the short-term and longer-term trends shaping the transactional landscape and how emerging ESG incentives affect deal activity.

Luxury Fashion Retail cover

The Luxury Fashion and Retail DealSCAPE

Disruption is bringing new opportunities for reinvention and strategic change for the subsector. As companies in luxury retail and fashion adapt to new patterns of demand, transactions can help to create new customer bases rapidly, build digital direct-to-consumer channels and change the scale and focus of operations.

Explore how the transaction landscape is shifting through divestitures to access liquidity, vertical integration, the rising role of private equity and more.