Welcome to the May 2021 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights:

  • WTO: Ministerial conference set, Covid notifications, TBT notifications; Trade Policy Reviews: Qatar, Tonga, Vietnam; DSB updates
  • WCO: News, Covid measures
  • CITES: Notifications
  • FAS GAIN Reports
  • Canada: Canada-UK trade continuity agreement; updated national security guidelines; regulations, orders, AD/CVD cases; restrictive measures
  • Mexico: Acuerdos, decrees, AD/CVD cases
  • USA: Presidential documents - lifting ICC sanctions; aluminum monitoring system delay; USTR notices; USITC investigations, HTS revisions, USMCA implementation; CIT declares PP 9980 contrary to law; section 301 exclusion amendments; CBP guidance on large residential washing machines TRQ; CBP modifies collection of spirits, wines and beers taxes; CBP publishes quarterly interest rates; US continues restrictions on land/vessel travel to/from Canada and Mexico; import restrictions on Costa Rican artifacts; "Lever rule" applications granted; EAPA actions; CBP rulings; CSMS messages; FTZ orders and notices; BIS updates encryption reporting; new sanctions on Russia; civil penalties increase; BIS adds Chinese tech companies to Entity List; issuer problems with designation of Russian FSS; UAE removed from list of boycott countries; new end-use control for Burma; comments solicited for information and communications technology supply chain transactions; OFAC, BIS and State blocking orders, designations and sanctions; Federal Register import/export/trade notices; AD/CVD cases; 337 cases.
  • Argentina: Resolutions and AD/CVD cases
  • Brazil: SECEX circulars and portarias
  • Chile: Resolutions and decrees
  • Colombia: MinCIT and DIAN decrees and circulars
  • Peru: SUNAT, MinCETUR and INDECOPI resolutions, Law on labelling and verification of technical requirements for industrial products
  • Australia: Notices, gazettes, legislation, AD/CVD cases
  • China: Mofcom and GAC notices and announcements, AD/CVD cases
  • India: CBIC and DGFT notifications, notices, circulars, AD/CVD cases
  • New Zealand: Clearance fees, gazettes
  • Singapore: RCEP ratification, customs circular
  • Thailand: Focus on post-clearance audits and post-review activities
  • Vietnam: New duty treatment regime applied to exported/imported goods
  • EU: Adjust additional duties on certain US products; sanctions lifted on Iraqi entities; new guidance on distance sales; EU classification regulations; Official Journal regulations and decisions; restrictive measures; AD/CVD cases
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland: trade measures, restrictive measures
  • UK: Legislation (inc. statutory instruments), global anti-corruption sanctions; UK-Serbia trade agreement; new guidance on technology exports, Myanmar (Burma) sanctions, restrictive measures, trade measures; HMRC documents
  • Türkiye: Customs and import communiques; FTA joint decisions
  • Ukraine: New Russian sanctions; legislation
  • Eurasian Economic Union: Council and Board decisions
  • North Africa: Manufacturing and marketing of pharma. products in 7 Francophile countries
  • South Africa: Tariff and rules amendments

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