Infrastructure remains key to unlocking the potential of Africa and market fundamentals show untapped opportunity and significant demand.

It is clear that shifting dynamics are beginning to play out, as the infrastructure gap grows and traditional sources of finance dry up. Meeting infrastructure needs will change and while emerging trends won’t take effect overnight, they indicate the patterns of evolution that are set to emerge over the next decade.

In this report, explore the state of the market and the key drivers of change. Analysis is based on data from IJ Global and is paired with insights from Baker McKenzie partners and key figures from the African Development Bank and the US Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

Key highlights include:

  • The finance gap in Africa
  • Rising influence of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)
  • Investment landscape for the road ahead 
  • Alternate routes to capital
  • Geopolitical trends shaping the dynamics of change
  • Spotlight on sustainability in infrastructure finance

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