Welcome to the April 2021 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights:

  • WTO: trade policy reviews (Saudi Arabia, Mongolia); Brazil accession kick-off for Gov't Procurement Agreement; DSB activities; TBT notifications; Covid-19 notifications
  • WCO: Agenda for 67th HSC meeting; news and events
  • G7 statement on Russian sanctions over Crimea
  • GAIN reports
  • CITES: Notifications
  • Canada: Xinjiang related sanctions; consultation on UK trade negotiations; regulations, proposals and notices, links to Burma, China, Russia and Tunisia sanctions; customs notices, D-Memoranda and AD/CVD investigations
  • Mexico: Diario Oficial; AD/CVD cases
  • USA: Revocation of Proc. 10014 and others; Exec. Order on supply chains; national emergency extensions for Ukraine, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, South Sudan and cyber-related activities; President's trade agenda; WTO dispute on Hong Kong marking; quota negotiations with EU; ITC investigations; aluminum licensing delayed; European and UK sec. 301 tariffs suspended for 4 months; update on DST sec. 301 investigations; China sec. 301 Covid-19 extensions; Canada and Mexico travel restrictions extended; advance electronic information on mail; import restrictions on Colombian archaeological materials; country of origin determinations in procurement cases; "Lever" rule application; EAPA final determination; WRO process for force labor allegations; forced labor finding on Malaysian gloves; CSMS messages; FTZ orders; export controls and sanctions update re: Burmese military, Russia re: Navalny; various OFAC/BIS/State sanctions list amendments; CPSC test methods; FDA, CDC, USDA, APHIS, EPA, DEA, Energy, etc. Federal Register notices; sec. 337 cases, ADD/CVD cases and scope determinations; customs rulings revocations and modifications
  • Argentina: ADD/CVD; Common Nomenclature revisions; revenue notices
  • Brazil: GECEX resolutions; SECEX circulars and portarias; AD/CVD cases
  • Chile: notices and resolutions
  • Colombia: MinCIT and DIAN notices, circulars, etc.
  • Peru: SUNAT and trade resolutions and decrees
  • Australia: ABF notices; Gazettes; AD/CVD cases, UN sanctions; Acts of Parliament
  • China and Hong Kong, China: MOFCOM, Tariff Commission and Customs announcements, notices; AD/CVD cases
  • India: CBIC tariff and non-tariff notifications; circulars and instructions; DGFT notifications and public notices; AD/CVD cases
  • Japan: AD case against South Korea
  • European Union and EFTA: Myanmar military sanctions; human rights sanctions; Covid-19 vaccine export restrictions; suspension of large aircraft tariffs on US goods; tariff classification regulations; CNEN revisions; Official Journal regulations and decisions; restrictive measures; AD/CVD cases
  • Switzerland: Myanmar sanctions and sanctions (restrictive measures) ordinances; import and export related ordinances; cross border alcohol and tobacco movement
  • Norway: import and export regulations, restrictive measures
  • Iceland: import and export regulations
  • Liechtenstein: hazardous chemicals amendment, restrictive measures
  • United Kingdom: Myanmar sanctions; Xinjiang-related sanctions; Syria sanctions; OFSI monetary penalty guidance; import/export and trade related legislation; HMRC and DIT updates; notice to exporters
  • Türkiye: tariff quotas; import surveillance; import restrictions; import communiques; interim FTAs; UN sanctions; unfair import competition
  • Ukraine: Russian sanctions, import decisions, national security
  • Eurasian Economic Union: Council and Board decisions related to imports, tariff classification, procedures, etc.
  • South Africa: tariff rate quotas, customs duties

Plus links to videos of past webinars and registration information for current webinar series.

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