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In this regional update, we provide you with a practical overview of the most notable antitrust legal developments of the first quarter in 2021 that may affect your business.

In this issue:


  • ACCC announces its compliance and enforcement priorities for 2021
  • Shipping company criminally convicted and fined AUD 24 million for cartel conduct
  • Sporting goods wholesaler fined AUD 350,000 for resale price maintenance
  • ACCC continues digital platforms focus


  • China issues Anti-Monopoly Guidelines for Platform Economy
  • SAMR continues to strengthen enforcement against failures to notify
  • SAMR clarifies rationale behind abusive refusal to deal decision
  • SAMR fines cement joint venture for cartel conduct

Hong Kong

  • HKCC appeals for larger fines in renovation cartel


  • New law affecting digital markets in Japan now in effect


  • MyCC issues second abuse of dominance decision, in first finding on exclusive dealing


  • PCC raises administrative fines for violations of competition law
  • CEO issues Statement of Objections against Developer for abuse of dominance


  • CCCS flagship conference spotlights competition issues in the digital sector


  • TFTC to overhaul prescribed merger notification form
  • TFTC to publish White Paper on Digital Economy Policy


  • OTCC opens for public hearing on Draft Guideline on Credit Terms with SME's


  • Regulators continue to review economic concentration notifications
  • Vietnam issues draft Decree on the management of costs incurred in competition procedures
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