Welcome to the March 2021 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights: 

  • WTO: New Director General, Covid-19 notifications, Myanmar trade policy review, DSB activities, TBT notifications
  • WCO: Announcements and news releases
  • UK, US, Canada announce measures over Xinjiang human rights concerns
  • CITES: Notifications to parties
  • FAS GAIN Reports
  • Canada: Myanmar sanctions, new terrorist listings, regulations and orders, AD/CVD cases, D-Memos, Customs notices, CBSA advance rulings
  • Mexico: Diario Oficial legislative instruments, AD/CVD cases
  • USA: Presidential documents, Burma sanctions, malicious cyber threats, USITC reports, 2021 TRQs for UK, sec. 301 large civil aircraft, UAE aluminum imports, CBP guidance on aluminum, US-Egypt cultural property agreement, Albanian cultural property request, US/Mexico/Canada travel restrictions, COAC meeting, "Lever" rule, EAPA notices, CBP rulings, CSMS messengers, general licenses, EAR end-user controls, BIS implements rescission of Sudan State Sponsor Terrorism designation, restrictive actions, Energy labeling rule, other agency notices, regulations, etc., AD/CVD cases
  • Argentina: Boletin Oficial documents, AD/CVD cases
  • Brazil: Diario Oficial documents, GECEX portarias, AD/CVD cases
  • Chile: Diario Oficial documents
  • Colombia: MinCIT documents
  • Peru: El Peruano documents
  • Australia: Customs notices, Gazettes, AD/CD cases
  • China (including Hong Kong SAR): Customs and MOFCOM documents, China-New Zealand FTA protocol
  • India: CBIC and DGFT notifications, circulars, instructions, AD/CVD cases
  • New Zealand: Gazette notices
  • Singapore: Circular
  • EU-EFTA: Official Journal regulations, decisions, tariff classification regulations, CN explanatory notes
    • Iceland: Regulations, laws, restrictive actions (sanctions), etc.
    • Liechtenstein: Ordinances
    • Norway: Regulations,
    • Switzerland: Ordinances, restrictive actions (sanctions)
  • United Kingdom: statutory instruments, Myanmar sanctions, HMRC updates, trade remedies cases
  • Türkiye: Legislation, communiques, import surveillance
  • Ukraine: Sanctions update, trade resolutions and decisions
  • Eurasian Economic Union: Council and Board decisions, links to classification decisions
  • South Africa: Rules and tariff amendments

Plus links to videos of past webinars and registration information for current Webinar series.

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