Welcome to the January 2021 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights:

  • WTO: UK and Switzerland to participate in revised procurement agreement, Covid-19 trade measures, TBT notifications, trade policy review of Macao, recent disputes and DSB activities.
  • WCO: announcements and news releases.
  • Other international matters: CITES and FAS GAIN reports.
  • Canada: Miscellaneous regulations and proposals, advance rulings, D-Memoranda and customs notices, AD/CVD investigations.
  • Mexico: FTA government procurement thresholds, resolutions and acuerdos, AD/CVD investigations.
  • USA: Presidential documents including proclamation modifying HTS, USTR requests consultations with Canada under USMCA, ITC investigations, Vietnam and Switzerland labeled as currency manipulators, aluminum monitoring system, duty-free imports from Haiti, Sections 232 and 301 updates and CBP guidance (civil aircraft, China Covid-19 products, mobile cranes, steel and aluminum), Special 301 review, broker exams, IRS interest rates, country of origin West Bank and Gaza, guidance on GSP expiration, travel restrictions to Mexico and Canada, CBP documents, CBP final determinations, CBP rulings revoked or modified, EAPA notices and determinations, force labor orders, CSMS messages, foreign-trade zone orders and notices, export control updates (NRC and BIS), Wassenaar, CWC, treatment of Hong Kong, military end-user list, entity list and Huawei updates, FinCEN proposals, OFAC updates - Türkiye non-SDN sanctions, Sudan removed from State Sponsor of Terrorism list, DoD restrictions, State extensions due to Covid-19, plus Federal Register notices and documents from ATF, TTB, CDC, FDA, USDA (AMS, APHIS, FSIS, etc.), DEA, EPA, Energy, NHTSA, Millennium Challenge Corp., AD/CVD scope and anti-circumvention rulings and investigations, section 337 investigations.
  • Argentina: Official Bulletin resolutions and decrees, AD/CVD investigations.
  • Brazil: GECEX resolutions reducing duties, AD/CVD investigations.
  • Chile: National Customs Service and Hacienda postings.
  • Colombia: MinCIT and DIAN documents.
  • Peru: AD/CVD anti-circumvention law, foreign trade, INDECOPI and SUNAT resolutions.
  • Australia: PACER enters into force, ABF notices, Gazette documents, AD/CVD investigations.
  • China: MOFCOM and GAC announcements, AD/CVD investigations.
  • India: CBIC and DGFT tariff and non-tariff notifications, notices, circulars and instructions, AD/CVD investigations and notices.
  • Malaysia: Service tax on imported digital services.
  • New Zealand: Excise duties for tobacco and tobacco products, New Zealand Gazette documents.
  • Singapore: notices and circulars.
  • European Union and EFTA: EU, UK reach post-Brexit deal at last minute, dual use list updated, tariff classification regulations, Official Journal documents, regulations, trade agreements, sanctions, AD/CVD investigations.
    • Switzerland: Belarus sanctions extended, ordinances and sanctions.
    • Iceland: Trade laws and regulations.
    • Liechtenstein: trade laws, regulations and sanctions. 
    • Norway: trade laws, regulations and sanctions.
  • United Kingdom: Post-Brexit agreement and legislation, UK-Vietnam trade agreement, statutory instruments including sanctions, UK-Canada trade continuity agreement, new approach to US tariffs, guidance on post-Brexit implementation of EU blocking regulation, export control enforcement, HMRC tariff and dumping notices, updates, guidance and reference documents, ECJU notices to exporters.
  • Türkiye: Trade laws, regulations and communiques
  • Ukraine: UN sanctions, trade decree, AD investigations
  • Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): Council and Board decisions, classification decisions.
  • South Africa: Tariff book updates, tariff regulations and rules under the Customs and Excise Act.

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