2020 in Review

As global financial markets grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical movements (US election and Brexit), the EMEA leveraged finance market showed a shift in trend from previous years as it adapted to the new normal. Trend highlights include:

  • relative stability of high-yield bond issuances
  • contraction of Term Loan B (TLB) borrowing
  • direct lending products as a viable alternative for capital raising
  • bespoke funding solutions such as equity-linked loans

Ten Predictions to Shape 2021

Find out how markets will adapt in the post COVID-19 world, contend with the post-Brexit landscape and manage the impact of the shift in US policy, all of which will undoubtedly present their own challenges and opportunities this year.

You'll also find predictions on the financial product mix and opportunistic refinancing in 2021, the growth and supply of ESG products, a spotlight on evolving regulatory environments and the continued strong growth of emerging markets.

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