Our multidisciplinary practitioners discuss the importance of the need for consumer goods and retail (CG&R) businesses to be aware of their "extended enterprise" – the complex network of third parties they depend on to develop, market and sell their products and services.

In each of these webinars (held twice to accommodate different time zones), a panel of international Baker McKenzie experts was joined by Duncan Gallagher, Edelman's Head of Issues & Crisis for EMEA, to discuss the importance of the extended enterprise in today’s business environment, and share best practices for success and holistic solutions for complex extended enterprise models in the post COVID-19 world.

During the program, the panelists discussed:

  • The evolution of extended enterprise risk – both legal and PR perspectives
  • Proactively managing third-party risk
  • Global and local group governance issues, and board oversight
  • The expansion of third-party risk to ESG and stakeholder concerns

If you would like more information on Extended Enterprise and how Baker McKenzie can help support your business, please reach out to one of the professionals listed on the right or to your usual Baker McKenzie contacts.

Extended Enterprise Webinar Recordings

Date: 9 December 2020

Time zone: EMEA/Americas

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Speakers: Alyssa Auberger (Moderator), Beatriz Araujo, Reagan Demas, Gloria Santona and Duncan Gallagher (Edelman)

Date: 10 December 2020

Time zone: APAC/EMEA

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Speakers: Kurt Haegeman (Moderator), Beatriz Araujo, Mini vandePol, Gloria Santona and Duncan Gallagher (Edelman)

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