As the inauguration of the forty-sixth president of the United States approaches, the fragility of supply remains a critical lesson-learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our new report, in partnership with the Atlantic Council, explores how the next US administration can work alongside partners and allies in the Western Hemisphere to assure supply-chain resilience is achieved and prioritized.

Featuring perspectives from across the Americas, as well as from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Baker McKenzie's newest report, The Biden-Harris Administration and the Future of Supply Chains in the Americas, looks at how cooperation across the Western Hemisphere can position companies to withstand future shocks. It also lays out a vision for the future of supply chains and regional cooperation under new US leadership through answering key questions, including:

  • What might be the US role in advancing the development of greater commercial integration in the Western Hemisphere?
  • What actions can countries in the Americas take to facilitate the modernization and innovation of supply chains?
  • How can lessons from other regions in deepening regional supply-chain integration be applied to the Americas?


This report is a part of our series on supply chains, which has recently included our "Beyond COVID-19: Supply Chain Resilience  Holds the Key to Recovery" and "Supply Chains Reimagined: Recovery and Renewal in Asia Pacific and Beyond.

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