Welcome to the November 2020 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights:

  • WTO: investment facilitation agreement, UK to join procurement pact, arbitration awards EU $3.99 Bn. countermeasures in airplane case, DSB activities, Covid-19 trade measure, TBT notifications.
  • WCO: HSC agenda, WCO news.
  • Multilateral trade agreements: RCEP featured.
  • CITES: Notifications.
  • GAIN reports.
  • Canada: Miscellaneous regulations, proposed regulations and orders; D-Memos and Customs Notices, AD/CVD cases.
  • Mexico: Front of package labeling exemptions removed, AD/CVD cases, Diario Oficial documents.
  • USA: Presidential documents, GSP proclamation, CBERA/CBTPA extended, sec. 301 solar panel and sec. 232 Canadian aluminum updates, Colombia TPA HTS changes, Peruvian timber, US-Brazil agreement, USMCA bi-national panels roster, corrections to HTSUS, notorious markets review, ITC investigations, Secs. 201, 232 and 301 investigations, information and exclusions, CBP guidance, US-Canada and US-Mexico land and ferry travel restrictions, brokers' fees and proposed continuing education, quarterly interest rates, restrictions on Chilean archaeological imports, EAPA notices, forced labor updates, revocations/modifications of CBP rulings, CSMS, FTZs, FinCEN proposals, boycotts, BIS updates, OFAC Yemen sanctions, Cuban sanctions, Iranian sanctions, ICC-related sanctions, CDC orders on travel, cruises, DEA methamphetamine regulations, AD/CVD cases.
  • Argentina: trade resolutions, AD/CVD cases.
  • Brazil: GECEX resolutions adjusting duty rates.
  • Chile: trade/customs related resolutions.
  • Colombia: trade/customs related resolutions.
  • Peru: trade/customs related resolutions.
  • Australia: ABF notices, Gazettes, AD/CVD cases.
  • China: Mongolia joins A-PTA, new PRC Export Control law, China-Cambodia FTA signed, MOFCOM and GAC notices, AD/CVD cases.
  • India: Faceless assessment rollout, CBIC and DGFT notices and notifications, AD/CVD cases.
  • New Zealand: Gazette notices .
  • EU and EFTA: 2021 tariff and nomenclature, trade policy review consultation, chemical weapons and Libya sanctions, Belarus sanctions, OJ documents (including restrictive measures), AD/CVD cases, Swedish anti-corruption institute code, EFTA-Ecuador CEPA enters into force, import-export measures.
  • United Kingdom: UK-Japan CEPA (FTA), dual-use OGEL, OFSI annual review, legislation, HMRC updates, notices to exporters, AD/CVD notices.
  • Turkey: trade/customs legislation.
  • Ukraine: trade/customs legislation.
  • Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): Board regulations, classification decisions. 
  • Belarus: resolution/agreements.
  • Russia: orders and decrees.
  • South Africa: tariff amendments.

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