Welcome to our first Virtual Year-End Review of Import/Export Developments Conference, a virtual offering for all our clients and friends worldwide. Baker McKenzie's international trade compliance lawyers from around the world discussed the major global legislative, judicial and administrative activities and trends in export controls, trade sanctions, customs compliance, and import requirements in nine one-hour sessions which took place from 17 to 19 November 2020.

Below you will find the recordings and topics discussed in each of the sessions.

Day One - November 17, 2020

Introduction and Overview

Topics discussed:

  • Current Worldwide Trade & Investment Environment
  • New Administration's Trade Policy Objectives and Prospects
  • Foreign Investment Regulatory Developments

Speakers: John McKenzie, Mattias Hedwall, Rod Hunter, Anahita Thoms, Junko Suetomi, Ben Smith

Export Control Developments

Topics discussed:

  • The Military End-User Licensing Requirements for China, Russia and Venezuela
  • The New "Foreign Direct Product" Rule
  • Entity List Restrictions
  • Change in the Status of Hong Kong for Export Control Purposes
  • Update on the Emerging and Foundational Technologies Export Control Initiative
  • European Union Export Control Developments
  • The Export Control Implications of Brexit

Speakers: Nick Coward, Alison Stafford Powell, Paul Amberg, Ben Smith

Focus on China

Topics discussed:

  • The Chinese National Security Law and Hong Kong
  • The New Chinese Export Control Regulations and Update on the China Technology Transfer Catalogue
  • The Regulations Implementing China's "Unreliable Entity List"
  • Executive Order 13943: Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain
  • Section 889 of the NDAA for 2019: U.S. Government restrictions on procurement of "covered telecommunications equipment and services" from specified Chinese suppliers
  • Human Rights Abuses involving Minority Population of Xinjiang Province
  • Status Report and Prospects of the "Phase One Trade Agreement"

Speakers: John McKenzie, Jon Cowley, Alison Stafford Powell, Weng Keong Kok

Day Two - November 18, 2020

Economic Sanctions Developments

Topics discussed:

  • Hong Kong Autonomy Act
  • Iran Sanctions
  • Update on Venezuelan Sanctions
  • Update on Russian Sanctions
  • Emerging Sanctions Issues: Cybersecurity, Human Rights, Election Interference
  • OFAC Developments
  • Status Report on Pending Litigation under the Helms-Burton Act involving investments in Cuba

Speakers: Alison Stafford Powell, Janet Kim, Alex Lamy, Ben Smith, Vladimir Efremov

Export Control and Economic Sanctions Enforcement Developments

Topics discussed:

  • Department of Justice Voluntary Disclosure Guidelines
  • Recent Export Control and Economic Sanctions Enforcement Actions
  • EU Economic Sanctions Enforcement Actions
  • Handling an Export Control or Economic Sanctions Enforcement Investigation
  • The Role of Banks in Economic Sanctions Enforcement

Speakers: Alison Stafford Powell, Jessica Nall, Terry Gilroy, Tristan Grimmer

Trade Agreements Developments

Topics discussed:

  • Brexit  
  • Prospects for a United States-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement
  • Transpacific Partnership (without the United States)

Speakers: John McKenzie, Adriana Ibarra, Stuart Seidel, Paul Burns, Jenny Revis

Day Three - November 19, 2020

Import and Customs Developments: United States

Topics discussed:

  • Overview of United States Customs Developments
  • Update on Section 301 Duties on Products of China
  • The Digital Services Tax Dispute
  • Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation

Speakers: John McKenzie, Stuart Seidel, Christine Streatfeild, Juliana Marques

Import and Customs Developments: International 

Topics discussed:

  • European Customs Developments
  • Import Developments in North America
  • Compliance Challenges in Importing into Brazil
  • Asia/Pacific Customs Developments

Speakers: John McKenzie, Jenny Revis, Brian Cacic, Jose Hoyos, Alessandra Machado, Ivy Tan, Junko Suetomi

Rebuilding International Supply Chains

Topics discussed:

  • Continued Pressure to Reduce Dependency on China
  • Forced Labor and Modern Slavery and Trafficking Legislation
  • Screening Parties against the OFAC SDN List
  • Compliance Challenges and Due Diligence of Suppliers and Customers under the FCPA
  • Supply Chains Reimagined and the "Extended Enterprise"

Speakers: Alison Stafford Powell, Anne Petterd, Aleesha Fowler, Kerry Contini, Helena Engfeldt


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