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In this cover story by Asian-Mena Counsel,* four Baker McKenzie lawyers and two thought-leading GCs talk about key issues in sanctions and investigations.

Mini vandePol (Hong Kong), head of Baker McKenzie's Asia Pacific Compliance & Investigations Group; dispute resolution and compliance and investigations lawyer Celeste Ang (Singapore); Simon Hui, leading lawyer for dispute resolution/regulatory and compliance in China; and Vivian Wu, who focuses on China-related corporate regulatory and compliance matters answer the following:

  • Can you suggest an ideal process which in-house legal departments can implement to detect legal liabilities? What key points should organizations bear in mind when mapping out a process? 
  • What are your suggestions for in-house counsel on crisis management? 
  • What are some of the potential compliance roadblocks for corporations? 
  • For corporations working on cross-border transactions, which jurisdictions should the legal department consider high risk for sanctions and political environment. 
  • Sanctions lists are ever-evolving and becoming more complex. How can in-house legal departments stay on top of these changes and proactively manage risks?
  • What are some key licensing considerations in the context of compliance to sanctions?
  • How do US and EU sanctions on China affect international entities doing business there?

Introducing Baker McKenzie's Compliance Cockpit

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*This article first appeared in the Asian-Mena Counsel Magazine October 2020 edition.

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