Welcome to our first Virtual Global Trade Conference, a virtual offering for all our clients and friends worldwide. Baker McKenzie's international trade compliance lawyers from around the world discussed the major developments impacting international trade, in eight one-hour sessions which took place from 14 to 16 July 2020.

Below you will find the recordings and topics discussed in each of the sessions.

Session 1: Current Trade and Investment Landscape

Topics discussed:

  • Trade winds and regulatory trends in the global trade war and post-COVID-19
  • Foreign direct investment trends
  • A comparative view: The evolution of US (CFIUS), EU and Japan's foreign investment regimes

Speakers: John McKenzie, Thilo Hanemann, Rod Hunter, Junko Suetomi, Anahita Thoms


Session 2: USMCA and Future US/UK Trade Agreement

Topics discussed:

  • USMCA implementation - what to know and what to do next
  • Prospects for a US-UK Free Trade Agreement
  • Brexit: Trade relations between the UK and the EU

Speakers: John McKenzie, Adriana Ibarra-Fernandez, Paul Burns, Jennifer Revis


Session 3: Import Developments

Topics discussed:

  • Section 301 tariffs, first sale valuation and duty drawback mitigation strategies and product exclusions
  • China's responses to Section 301 duties and mitigation strategies
  • Section 301 investigation into digital services taxes
  • New Section 232 investigations into the effects of imports on national security
  • Transfer pricing and customs valuation

Speakers: John McKenzie, Jon Cowley, Juliana Marques, Stuart Seidel, Christine Streatfeild, Gene Tien


Session 4: Export Control Developments

Topics discussed:

  • Expansion of EAR de minimis and foreign direct product rules
  • Expansion of EAR military end-user/end-use controls
  • EAR Entity Listings
  • Update on Emerging and Foundational Technologies
  • EU export control reform and updates

Speakers: John McKenzie, Nicholas Coward, Ben Smith, Alison Stafford Powell


Session 5: Economic Sanctions Developments

Topics discussed:

  • New OFAC rules on rejected transaction reporting
  • Venezuela sanctions developments
  • Iran Developments: Status of JCPOA; US Secondary Sanctions; EU Blocking Regulation Cases
  • Other Programs: Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, cyber sanctions

Speakers: Alison Stafford Powell, Kerry Contini, Alexandre Lamy, Ben Smith


Session 6: Export Sanctions Enforcement

Topics discussed:

  • Regulator Expectations: DOJ Guidelines on Voluntary Disclosures and OFAC's Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments
  • UK Corporate Compliance Offense
  • Recent US and EU enforcement trends, key cases

Speakers: Alison Stafford Powell, Terence Gilroy, Jessica Nail, Ben Smith


Session 7: The View from China and Hong Kong

Topics discussed:

  • China Import Issues: Encryption Law and Cybersecurity Law Implementation
  • China's Export Control Law
  • Hong Kong's Status - PRC Draft National Security Law and the US Response
  • Prospects for the US-China Phase One Agreement

Speakers: John McKenzie, Jon Cowley, Weng Keong Kok, Ivy Tan


Session 8: Rebuilding Supply Chains

Topics discussed:

  • Trade-related issues - import restrictions, the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain proposed regulations, section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act, bulk power system grid security and supply chain), "tariff planning" opportunities and challenges, C-TPAT and AEO, U.S. Government procurement implications under the Trade Agreements Act
  • Security (reliability) of supply chains, including lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, implications of continuing "trade wars", domestic production considerations, etc.
  • Corporate social responsibility in Supply Chains, including environmental, labor and employment, human rights, and anti-corruption/FCPA considerations

Speakers: John McKenzie, Kerry Contini, John Foote, Rod Hunter, Stuart Seidel, Alison Stafford Powell 

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