We have previously reported on the various measures, such as deadline extensions, that patent offices have put in place to assist applicants who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As countries begin to take steps to reopen their respective economies, a growing number of patent offices have followed suit by resuming full operations and terminating the measures they had enacted during the pandemic.

The table and accompanying map (click here) provide updates to our previous alerts. As before, even where measures remain in place to excuse missed deadlines, it is advisable for applicants not to rely on such measures unless necessary.  Additionally, all applicants will need exercise particular care in docketing and meeting deadlines as "business as usual" gradually resumes and patent offices begin to lift COVID-19 measures, according to differing timelines across the globe. As always, the IP team at Baker McKenzie remains available to help you navigate a complex and constantly-changing landscape, wherever you do business.
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