This article was featured in our in-house newsletter, inCommon, which lifts the lid on the work of our Coronavirus Crisis Response Team.

The article turns the clock back and shows how we as a firm dealt with the Coronavirus crisis, from responding to the first suspected case to shutting our London office. It shares insights from the team on the unprecedented challenges they faced and the thinking behind the decisions that were made. It also showcases the importance Baker’s places on diversity - here in the construction of the team itself and also how the wellbeing of our people has always been the top priority.

The team is in planning mode now, preparing for when the office re-opens. We are developing new measures and protocols to ensure that social distancing can be adhered to and that everyone can be kept safe at all times.

We’ve done a lot of work on how best to support businesses recover strongly and execute long-term transformational plans, and have developed a 'Resilience, Recovery & Renewal’ model; a three-phase approach designed to provide businesses with relevant resources and guidance as you work through the initial crisis management phase of COVID-19 and look to the future.


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