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Welcome to the May 2020 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

This issue's highlights:

  • WTO: Covid-19 trade related matters, 19 Members come up with provisional appeal arbitration arrangement, TBT notifications

  • WCO: temporary Covid-19 import-export measures, classification references for Covid-19 supplies and medicines, news

  • CITES: notifications

  • FAS GAIN reports: Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) and Exporter Guides as well as other food and agriculture measures

  • Canada: Contravention regulations, CUSMA (USMCA) regulations and orders, CBSA notices and D-Memos, AD/CVD cases

  • Mexico: Diario Oficial, AD/CVD cases

  • US: Presidential documents, Defense Production Act, Sec. 232 and 301 updates and exclusions, USMCA petitions for alternative vehicle staging, proposed withdrawal of Sec. 201 exclusion, USITC duty suspension update, USITC postpones in-person 337 hearings, USITC investigations, proposed aluminum import monitoring, travel restrictions, delay in duty payment, quarterly interest rates, CSMS messages, withhold release orders, revocations/modifications of rulings, FTZ orders, civil monetary penalty increases in Treasury/State/Commerce cases, NRC suspends byproducts general license to Pakistan, FEMA restrictions on exports of PPE, Treasury lists boycott countries, Venezuela, N. Korea, sanctions updates, tightened technology exports, OFAC/BIS/State restrictive measures, CPSC and FTC documents, TTB announcements, FDA/CDC/HHS documents, USDA/APHIS/AMS documents, other Federal Register documents, AD/CVD

  • Argentina: Boletin Oficial documents, AD/CVD

  • Brazil: CAMEX and SECEX documents, AD/CVD

  • Australia: Temporary prohibition on exports of infection control items, ABF notices, AD/CVD cases

  • China: MOFCOM and GAC (Customs) notices and announcements, AD/CVD

  • Hong Kong SAR: Notice to exporters re: ASEAN

  • India: Compulsory registration for additional IT categories, CBIC and DGFT notifications, circulars and instructions, AD/CVD cases

  • Japan: METI adjust certain import/export procedures.

  • Singapore: Declaration on Trade in Essential Goods for Combating the Covid-19 Pandemic, commodity duty changes for Covid-19 supplies, notices and circulars

  • Thailand: FDA fast track for Covid-19

  • EU and EFTA: Export controls and VAT and duty exemptions on PPE, retaliatory duties on certain US products, tariff classification regulations, amendments to CNEN, Official Journal documents, restrictive measures, AD/CVD

    • France: notices to importers

    • Netherlands: EU Blocking Regulation does not prevent extradition of Iranian national to the United States

    • Spain: Parallel imports procedure changed for medicines

    • Switzerland: movement of goods at the border

    • Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway: regulations, notices and restrictive measures

  • United Kingdom: Deferral of customs duty and VAT due to Covid-19, Freeports consultation extended, legislation, tariff information and HMRC notices, notices to exporters

  • Turkey: Official Gazette, customs notices, imports surveillance

  • Ukraine: Covid-19 material

  • Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): Решения (Orders), classification decisions

  • Algeria: COVID-19 measures, customs measures, binding tariff information

  • Morocco: COVID-19 measures

  • South Africa: New export controls regulations, tariff amendments, Covid-19 measures

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