As part of our continued efforts to guide our clients through these challenging times, we are pleased to announce another webinar as part of our new Asia Pacific FutureWorks programme.

In this special webcast by our regional Employment & Compensation team, Baker McKenzie Employment Partners Michael Michalandos, Celeste Ang and Rowan McKenzie are joined by mental health and wellbeing experts, Dr. Andrew Stock, Psychologist and Mark Dean, Founder of enMasse (workplace behavior consultants) to discuss the mental health and morale impact of an unstable economic environment and working from home.

This webinar seeks answers to burning questions such as:

  • What mental health warnings signs should employers look out for?
  • Can working from home improve efficiency or will it just increase obesity and divorce rates?
  • Do virtual drinks contribute to morale or just remind us of absent friends?
  • What strategies can employers adopt to better support employees?
  • Is there a right or wrong way to tell an employee that their job may be on the line?

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