Navigating COVID-19 in the DMV: District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia governmental responses to coronavirus affect "non-essential" services

Political leaders in the DMV region (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) have each recently enacted executive orders to curb the spread of COVID-19 by limiting certain non-essential, in-person services and ordering residents to stay at home. However, each jurisdiction defines and treats these non-essential services differently. Maryland and D.C. have joined the growing number of jurisdictions broadly preventing all "non-essential businesses" from engaging in most on-site work, allowing only "minimum" on-site operations.

Virginia has taken a different approach. It has closed recreational and entertainment facilities and banned in-restaurant dining, but it still allows all other businesses to continue in-person operations, subject to certain restrictions. Most recently, all three jurisdictions have imposed stay-at-home orders that limit the movement of residents. These varied approaches present unique challenges for businesses in the DMV area, which must navigate this novel, unprecedented framework.

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