What measures have EMEA governments taken in the life sciences sector to fight COVID-19?

As COVID-19 rapidly spreads to every corner of the globe and is officially declared a pandemic, governments across the world are adopting emergency measures to fight against this extraordinary situation. Ultimately, all these measures are aimed at protecting the health and well-being of citizens. However, on the healthcare and life sciences front in particular, such measures range from intervention powers to guarantee adequate supplies of treatment and medical equipment, to the relaxation of deadlines and regulatory requirements to simplify administrative procedures wherever possible, so that competent authorities, manufacturers and other actors can focus on urgent priorities related to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Baker McKenzie Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Group is pleased to provide you with an overview of the measures that governments across the EMEA region, which includes some of the worst hit countries, have adopted in the area of healthcare and life sciences in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this guide, Baker McKenzie lawyers across EMEA share their high-level views on the following areas:

Requisition powers

  • Has the Government established any powers to requisition assets and premises?
  • Is it converting hotels into hospitals / medical centers for quarantine and self-isolation?
  • Is it controlling the distribution of medicinal products / medical devices?

Price and reimbursement

  • Has the price and reimbursement procedures for medicinal products and medical devices
    been affected?

Public procurement

  • Has the Government adopted exceptional public procurement measures?
  • Have procedural requirements been relaxed for COVID-19 related medicines and devices?
  • Are sanctions foreseen for unfilled orders?

Legal deadlines

  • Have legal / administrative deadlines been suspended / relaxed?
  • Have these measures had an impact on MA approvals, public procurement, etc.?

Relaxation of regulatory rules

  • Has the Government relaxed regulatory rules?
  • Have special measures been adopted?
  • What are the main changes?


The full guide is now available and can be found here.
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