The pervasive nature of COVID-19 means that businesses across the globe are facing a similar struggle: balancing the need to make critical decisions with limited time and planning for the future without knowing for certain the long-term impacts of this pandemic.

As unfamiliar situations and new obstacles arise, our experts at Baker McKenzie are here to offer practical insights on how to the navigate both the short- and long-term implications of COVID-19. The COVID-19 Business Response Series, created by our team of legal experts, covers a variety of topics to help you prepare and protect your business, such as:

  • Pre-empting and managing contractual issues: practical guidance, rather than legal solutions
  • Lessons we can learn from the business response in Asia: 10 tips
  • Economic crime: fraud and cyber-crime risks in conducting business remotely and how to mitigate them
  • Project managing a crisis
  • Importance of good communications during a crisis

These short, very informal vlogs are meant to spark conversations about what issues your business should be thinking of now and in the days ahead.

Episode 4 (II Parts): Prioritizing Compliance In the COVID-19 Era


Anna Lamut, Registered Foreign Lawyer (New York, NY), shares her top five tips for pre-acquisition compliance due diligence and post-acquisition integration that can be conducted remotely. For related insights from Anna and the Baker McKenzie team, visit their new article Investing in India: How Addressing Corruption and Fraud Risks Creates Higher Value.

Episode 3: Practical Considerations for Boards During a Pandemic

In this episode of Baker McKenzie's COVID-19 Business Response Series, Beatriz Araujo (Equity Partner, Corporate Governance) discusses practical considerations for boards amidst the COVID-19 crisis. For related insights, please visit the recently launched Trust Continuum series.

Episode 2: The Importance of Good Communication During a Crisis

In this episode of Baker McKenzie's COVID-19 Business Response Series, Joanne Redmond (Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution) discusses the importance of good communication throughout the various stages of crisis management.

Episode 1: Exploring Resilience, Recovery and Renewal

In the introductory episode of Baker McKenzie's COVID-19 Business Response Series, Joanna Ludlam (Equity Partner, Dispute Resolution) discusses the three-phase Resilience, Recovery and Renewal model and key points to think about during each of these phases.

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