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In this regional update, we provide you with a practical overview of the most notable antitrust legal developments over Q1 2020.

As we all go through this challenging time as a result of COVID-19, important compliance messages risk getting lost in daily news updates on the crisis. Our dedicated Baker McKenzie COVID-19 and Antitrust global portal visualizes the impact of the pandemic on merger control processes in a global map and curates our key antitrust guidance for your business.

In this issue:


  • 2020 enforcement priorities announced
  • ACCC authorizes various industry measures in the interim to address COVID-19 impact
  • ACCC accepts commitments from parties in first concerted practices case
  • Public consultation on AdTech Inquiry commences


  • Merger review timeframes unaffected by operational impacts of COVID-19
  • Higher regulatory scrutiny in certain sectors amid coronavirus outbreak
  • Sweeping changes proposed to the law since AML came into effect in 2008

Hong Kong

  • HKCC issues first infringement notice
  • HKCC calls for wider reform of new premium taxi scheme


  • Authority suspends merger notifications until 6 April
  • Government considers proposed amendments to competition law


  • Government considers new law affecting digital markets in Japan


  • MyCC confirms per se illegal approach in first RPM decision
  • MyCC renews block exemption order in respect of liner shipping services


  • DOJ releases draft procedural rules for criminal competition matters
  • PCC increases mandatory notification thresholds for mergers
  • PCC suspends merger review processes and timelines during community quarantine period


  • CCCS investigates three contractors for bid rigging


  • Authority revises interpretation of "control" in merger reviews


  • TCC continues to focus on merger reviews
  • TCC issues guideline on unfair trade practices for franchises


  • Vietnam passes long-awaited guiding competition regulations
  • Competition authority members yet to be appointed
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