Taxation of Workers: A Journey Across Europe

Nowadays, the taxation of workers in the new economy in Europe is a hot topic, especially with the fast-paced development of the gig economy. Everywhere in the region, tax authorities grapple with new ways that the workers provide their services.

In this webinar, Baker McKenzie lawyers Jeremy Edwards, Don-Tobias Jol, Ludmilla Maurer, Gillian MurdochGeoffrey Poras and Eleonore d’Anthonay take you on a tour across principal European countries to explore:

  • Current regulations and risks arising when engaging workers other than through an employment relationship
  • Trends and expected developments
  • Likely liabilities if your company misclassifies workers
  • How your company can address the issues, both on a country basis and a Pan-European-wide basis

View the webinar recording:

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