There is an increasing sense of urgency and expectation about putting the global economy on a path toward sustainable development. The urgency stems from a massive projected investment gap of EUR 180 billion each year to meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals. 

In its 2018 Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, the EU Commission calculated an annual gap of EUR 180 billion only within the EU; the EU Green Deal now mentions a number north of EUR 200 billion (i.e., action through investments, innovation, operations and financial activity to minimize current and future effects of climate change). The sense of expectation relates to the fact that sustainable finance can provide a solution to help plug this massive funding gap. 

In our 2019 Sustainable Finance Forum, we brought together leading institutional investors, lenders, corporations, policymakers and regulators to discuss how environmental and climate considerations are becoming imperative to investment decision.

This report, Sustainable Finance: From Niche to New Normal, features highlights from the Forum and delves into the role of private finance, regulation and measurement in moving sustainable finance from niche into mainstream. 


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