The Spanish Government has approved two new binding regulations to tackle the employment issues arising from COVID-19. Firstly, Royal Decree Law 9/2020 of 27 March, which came into force last Saturday 28 March, adopting additional measures in the area of employment that provide details and clarification regarding some of the measures provided for in Royal Decree Law 8/2020 and establish new content to ensure a more effective application of the provisions therein. This publication provides more information.

Secondly, Royal Decree Law 10/2020, of 29 March 2020, which came into force yesterday, and regulates paid leave that can be made up for later by employed workers in non-essential activities, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the new and more restrictive limitations on people' freedom of movement imposed by the government in order to restrict the spread of COVID-19. This material provides more details.
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