Significant Updates from the Ministry of Manpower on Employment Pass Salary Criteria and Expansion of Job Advertising Requirement and Local Qualifying Salary Threshold

On 3 March 2020, the Minister for Manpower, Mrs. Josephine Teo announced several updates in relation to (1) raising the minimum qualifying salary for a foreigner to be eligible for an Employment Pass, (2) expanding the job advertising requirement, and (3) raising the Local Qualifying Salary threshold.

The MOM has stepped up on its enforcement efforts to ensure that employers practise fair hiring. With more employers set to advertise on due to the tightening of the exemption, they are advised not to treat the advertising requirement as a paper exercise. Accordingly the MOM has already taken actions against employers who had pre-selected a foreign candidate and did not give fair consideration to qualified local applicants. Employers with indications of discriminatory hiring practices may be placed on the FCF Watchlist for closer scrutiny.

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