Due to delivery bottlenecks, travel restrictions and state prevention measures such as temporary business closures, companies can see themselves forced to temporarily considerably reduce the normal working hours for all or certain groups of employees, i.e. to introduce short-time work. Even a complete cancellation of working hours, so-called "short-time work zero", can be necessary. Such measures can already be considerably economically alleviated by receipt of short-time pay. Due to the corona virus crisis, the "Act on limited crisis-induced improvement of short-time work" came into force on March 15, 2020, which enables the Federal Government by decree to reduce the prerequisites for receipt of short-time pay and to completely reimburse employers the social security contributions for the cancelled hours of work. The corresponding decree is not expected until the beginning of April 2020, but the alleviation shall, however, come into force retroactively on March 1, 2020. Companies can therefore now already apply for short-time work under eased conditions and can correspondingly apply for short-time pay.

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