As we face unprecedented challenges due to the shock the world is going through as a result of COVID-19, technology will be more important than ever, including by playing a key role in the fight against the outbreak.

In the last decade, we have witnessed extraordinary technological progress across the globe with digitalization impacting virtually every aspect of society. Personalization, speed, convenience, improved medical diagnosis and security are just some of the benefits brought about by technology that we have come to value. Lately, attention is shifting also to unintended collateral risks. Trust in technology has become increasingly a central element as it is under constant and heightened scrutiny. Fake news, undue surveillance, algorithmic criteria are amongst the most debated issues society is looking at. They are novel, they are complex, and they are global. And they lie at the intersection of technology and human rights. Nothing less.

The TMT sector is key in driving technological progress and also a force for good. And it is naturally the target of increased review coming from various angles, including governments, regulators, legislators, employees, shareholders, customers and the general public.

In this publication, our global TMT team – consisting of over 1500 lawyers in 77 offices, covering all practices of law – explores some of the legal and regulatory trends that will be seen in the sector in 2020, including developments in content governance legislation, data sharing, regulation of facial recognition technology and Artificial Intelligence more generally, public policy, digital tax, antitrust and more.

On a closing remark, we are all going through very challenging times in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which is having such a shocking impact on people, entire ecosystems and business sectors. We are indeed addressing here some of the issues that affect the TMT industry. But, most importantly, we wish everyone reading this publication to stay safe and be well in the year ahead.

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