Our Latin America Employment and Compensation Team is pleased to provide you with this quick guide for employers, dealing with some of the most pressing issues employers are currently faced with in light of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Use this guide to stay informed and take action in your workplace, but note that as this situation evolves, so too will the guidance and laws affecting employers in each jurisdiction. The information in this document is presented as of March 12, 2020; the high level guidance in this document is not intended to be comprehensive legal advice.

  1. Can we require employees to work from home?
  2. What if an employee can't practically carry out their work from home – can they be required to take paid leave? Do we have to pay their salary anyway?
  3. Are employees who self-isolate entitled to be paid as usual?
  4. Can employees refuse to come to work?
  5. Health checks / medical testing: can we require our employees to have their temperatures checked or run other health checks?
  6. What are my obligations around maintaining a safe working environment?
  7. Can an employee refuse to travel?
  8. Should employers cancel events that require travel?
  9. Business shutdowns due to the virus outbreak – what options are available to employers?

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