On 25 March 2020, the Italian Government enacted another emergency decree with some important provisions that will affect businesses during the Covid-19 crisis.

The decree provides that, until July 31, 2020, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and Regional Authorities can adopt more restrictive measures applicable to all or part of the territory of Italy.

The Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Economy and Finance enacted a new decree that partially changed the list of business activities that can continue to be performed at this time. Suspension of all other business will remain in place until April 3, 2020 (see our previous newsletter here).

More in detail, this decree:

  • adds 6 business activities that are now allowed (click here to see the updated list of non-suspended activities).

  • removes 28 business activities from the previous list, that now suspended until April 3 (click here to see the updated list of suspended activities).

In any case, the following activities continue to be allowed:

  • production chains and functional activities to those indicated in the list of non-suspended activities;

  • essential public services;

  • production, transport, marketing and delivery of drugs, health technology and medical-surgical devices as well as agricultural and food products or any other activity relevant to deal with the activities with continuous cycle plants, after notification to the Prefecture;

  • aerospace and defence industry activities as well as other strategic activities for the economy, upon authorization of the Prefecture.,/li>

Suspended activities can be performed in smart working.

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