Welcome to the March 2020 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

This issue's highlights:

  • WTO: trade policy review (EU), disputes, TBT notifications
  • WCO: agenda for 65th HSC, news
  • Other International Matters: CITES notifications, FAS Gain Reports
  • Panama: Official Gazette updates
  • Canada: consultations on WTO investment framework, comprehensive review of TRQs, consultation on possible modernization of Canada-Ukraine FTA, Canada's post Brexit agreements with EU, Canada Gazette, restrictive measures, AD/CVD, advance rulings, notices and D-Memoranda
  • Mexico: Diario Oficial, AD/CVD
  • United States: Presidential documents, report on WTO Appellate Body, designation of LDCs under CVD law, sugar TRQs, ITC investigations, Sec. 232 and 301 updates, exclusions and guidance, CAFC upholds Sec. 232, import restrictions - Ecuador, Yemen, Jordan; CBP/TSA arrival restrictions, CBP documents, CBP ruling revocations/modifications, CSMS updates, FTZs, non-proliferation measures, natural gas export authorizations extended, BIS EAR revisions for Yemen and Russia, Huawei temporary licenses, information requested on CWC impact, Venezuela sanctions, Mali sanctions, boycotts, investment regulations updates, regulatory updates, APHIS updates, AD/CVD scope rulings, anti-circumvention determinations, AD/CVD cases
  • Argentina: Boletin Oficial, AD/CVD
  • Brazil: CAMEX, SECEX, AD/CVD ma ters
  • Chile, Peru, Colombia: regulatory updates
  • Australia: MOFCOM/GAC Notices, Peru-Australia FTA, Australia-Hong Kong FTA, AD/CVD cases
  • China: Tariff Commission announcements, countermeasures exclusions and tariff reductions, AD/CVD announcements, Hong Kong SAR notices
  • India: CBIC and DGFT notices, circulars and instructions, AD/CVD
  • Indonesia: e-Commerce, Indonesia-Australia FTA
  • New Zealand: restrictions on laser pointers, vehicle import requirements
  • Singapore: rules for FTZ
  • EU: EU-Vietnam FTA approved by Euro. Parliament, withdrawal of Cambodia preferences, classification rulings, CN EN updates, OJ documents, restrictive measures, AD/CVD
  • France: notice to importers
  • Switzerland: OFAC approved humanitarian trade arrangement, regulatory requirements, restrictive measures
  • Other EU-EFTA countries: regulatory requirements, restrictive measures
  • United Kingdom: statutory instruments, post-Brexit import controls, consultation on post-Brexit tariff regimes, export inspection procedures, HMRC updates, notices
  • Turkey: communiques and regulations
  • Ukraine: cancelation of special economic sanctions, legislation
  • Morocco: tax regime
  • EAEU: Board and Council Решения, classification preliminary decision
  • South Africa: Tariff amendments
  • Senegal: promoting start-ups
  • Togo: audio-visual communications
  • plus information on newsletters, webinars.

Plus information on Client Alerts and articles, webinars and seminars, and recordings of past events.

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