The Brazilian IRS and the Federal Attorney Office have jointly enacted Ordinance n. 555 extending the validity of the federal tax debt clearance certificates for 90 days.

Also, Brazilian IRS has published Ordinance n. 543, setting forth special rules for personal assistance at its offices and adjourning procedural terms and deadlines until the 29th of May 2020.

Except from cases involving Statute of Limitation, third-part fraudulent intervention or flagrant breaching of tax rules, some services from Brazilian IRS are suspended until the 29th of May 2020, such as (i) issuance of notification demanding the payment of debts, (ii) exclusion of taxpayer from tax installment programs due to the lack of payment of installment, (iii) corporate tax number inability recording due to lack of declaration, and (iv) issuance of decision involving tax offsetting requests.

In relation to the peresential assistance at the Brazilian IRS' offices, the number of services provided therein has been reduced and are subject to prior scheduling. General services are available at e-CAC digital system.

Companies subject to taxable profit method, presumed profit method or to the tax authorities' determination of profits shall use the digital tools set forth in Normative Ruling n. 1,782/2018 and n. 1.783/2018 for requesting services and handing over tax declarations.


*In cooperation with Trench Rossi Watanabe, a Brazilian law firm.

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